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    I started Project Blah Blah as a place where I can write about anything (i.e. Blah Blah). At the moment this blog is a place where I can track my weightless journey; however bits and piece of other things might creep in! If you want to know more about me, this blog head, my goals or progress check out the tabs above.
  • 6 Week Weight Loss Challange

    Finish dateOctober 31st, 2012
    After six weeks I will be at my goal weight of 52 kg
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long weekened love

  Ok so I am going to be quiet for the next couple of days. It is a long weekend here in Australia so there will be no posting for me as I have lots of fun planned! Hooray! I am also going to use some of my time to think about how I am … Continue reading

Just one of those days

  I am in one of those moods! I am not sad, unhappy or unmotivated… But I am not happy, excited or energetic either. It’s like this morning I woke up and said to myself, “well you have no choice but to do today, there’s too much work and exercise to get done”. So I … Continue reading

Little life lessons

So this was the first weekend I’ve had on my 6 week challenge and gosh it was a struggle with food. My boyfriend is really into fitness, gym and his muscle (yes he’s one of those guys, sigh haha) and currently he is on a bulk. This requires him to consume no less than 5,000 … Continue reading

The Weekend That Was

Ok so I admit…this is not going to be the worlds most interest blog post. I am simply writing down my food and exercise for the weekend because I want to record everything during my 6 week challenge. I will be writing more about what I got up to on the weekend, my food struggles … Continue reading

Already seeing the results

This morning I hopped out of bed and went into my bathroom to weigh myself. I was hoping to see some weight loss, but to my surprise I had dropped more than I expected! SUCCESS! I weighed in at 57.2 kgs, which is exactly 1kg lighter than yesterday 🙂 Consequently, I am in such a … Continue reading

Motivated to the MAX

1 day down and I am feeling SUPER motivated! haha. I laugh because I know that over the next 43 days I will face some harder times; times where I am tired, unmotivated, emotional, sore, craving, feel like bingeing and the list could go on and on…. BUT for now I am enjoying feeling motivated … Continue reading

Goals are DREAMS with deadlines

This is the first blog post I have written for a while, and I profess that I am not much of a writer but I do find it therapeutic to write down some of the noise that’s going on in my head. When I made this blog in April of 2012 (just over 5 months … Continue reading

Day 7. Thinspirational Mondays

What a day! I was so busy at work today yet so unmotivated (btw I work in Marketing if I hadn’t mentioned that already). Any who… I have however, stuck very well to my calorie restrictions today.    Day 7 Stats Weight (60.4 kgs) Ok so this isn’t too bad, I am down 2 kgs since last Tuesday and I … Continue reading

Day 5 + 6. Fun In The Sun?

OK so no actual fun in the sun for me this weekend 😦 but still I managed to have some fun despite the relentless rain making me want to just snuggle up in bed all day! Saturday Saturday, my BF and I went to the Brisbane Museum to see the ‘Secretes of the tomb’ exhibition, … Continue reading

Day 4. One Week Down

  Week 1 done! Well I started dieting Tuesday and its only Friday (so 4days) but I’m still 2kgs down! Yippee 🙂 I am now feeling so much more confident about getting to my goal weight (approx. 52 kg) by July 20th 2012. It seems simple to me now… Take in less energy than you expend and … Continue reading